Key Areas We Support

Youth Leadership Development

Developing our young people to be the leaders of tomorrow is a key component of any FFA program.  We believe through hands-on education, practical application and personal development we will set our members up for success.  The Kansas FFA Foundation supports youth leadership development through stipends, scholarships and grants to attend trainings and conferences and through support of programming expenses for our in-state leadership events. Programs such as those listed below allow FFA members hone leadership and character development skills that apply to real-life situations.

SCCL (State Conference for Chapter Leaders)

SCCL takes students full circle through chapter leadership development. Attendees will learn how to develop action plans for their chapters, set goals, work as a team and build influence.

Leader Lab

Held in the spring, Leader Lab encourages students to embark on an adventure to develop personal leadership skills. The conference focuses on leadership education, motivating others and enhancing your own self-esteem and personal development.

Blast Off

Blast Off is the first in a series of training conferences for state FFA officers. The conference helps newly elected state officers identify their strengths, develop personal growth plans, master speech writing and delivery, and develop personal management skills.

National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO)

NLCSO is the second conference in the training series for state FFA officers. Its focus is on helping officer teams identify their strengths and weaknesses as a group, and learn advanced interpersonal communication strategies and presentation delivery techniques.

State Presidents’ Conference (SPC)

SPC is the final conference in the state FFA officers training series. Two officers from each state association travel to Washington, D.C. to begin the delegate committee process, advocate for agricultural education and share ideas among all state FFA associations.

Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)

WLC is open to all FFA members and is the ultimate leadership experience. It provides hands-on experiences that help attendees learn how to apply leadership skills to real-life situations. This conferences focuses on personal development, diversity, advocacy and service. There are seven, one-week sessions each summer.

Student Scholarships/SAE Grants

Scholarships: Kansas FFA members have a rich history in being competitive in the scholarship arena.  The Kansas FFA Foundation and its supporters have given numerous young people the chance at a better education through the sponsorship of endowed scholarships, memorial scholarships and business supported programs such as the Built Ford Tough scholarship program.  A recent focus for the Kansas FFA Foundation is the development of a scholarship program for those going into the trades. 

Scholarships for FFA sponsored events are also awarded annually.  The Washington Leadership Conference and International Leadership Seminar for State Officers are two such programs.

A $500 SAE Grant (Supervised Agricultural Experience) allows a FFA member to start or expand their SAE through the purchase of necessary equipment, livestock or supplies.  Grants are awarded based primarily on financial need. Grant recipients are selected by a committee and the advisor’s statement is crucially important in establishing the financial need and eligibility of the applicant.  The SAE grant program has shown tremendous benefit to members who would like to expand their program but need some assistance to do so.

To help support any of these worthy causes donate here.

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CDE/LDE and Proficiency Areas

In Kansas there are thirty-one Career Development Events (CDEs), seven Leadership Development Events (LDEs).  These competitions allow members to test skills learned through their agricultural education instruction.  CDEs and LEDs vary from communication to food science to mechanics.  Some events allow students to compete as individuals, while others require students to work together in a team, all of which are building career readiness.  Partners of the Kansas FFA Foundation provide support for awards, plaques, and travel to the National FFA Convention where winning teams will represent the state in national competition.

The Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their SAEs, have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers.  Students can compete for awards in areas covering everything from Agricultural Education to Wildlife Management.

Placement proficiency awards are given to those whose SAEs are related to employment, apprenticeships, or internships at an agribusiness or agriculture-related organization.  While Entrepreneurship proficiency awards are given to those whose SAEs are related to ownership of an agribusiness or agriculture-related enterprise.

Proficiency awards are given out at the local, state and national levels. Partners of the Kansas FFA Foundation provide support for awards, plaques, and travel to the National FFA Convention as well as the State FFA Star program.

Kansas FFA Convention

In June nearly 1,800 FFA members and guests from across the state come together to participate in general sessions, competitive events, leadership workshops, service activities and meet with industry leaders at the career fair. The three day event, held on the Kansas State University campus, showcases the success of our chapters and FFA members, inspires with phenomenal key note speakers and entertains as top talent comes together for the Kansas FFA Band and Chorus. 

The Kansas FFA Foundation, through its generous partners, is proud to support many aspects of the Kansas FFA Convention.  As supporters of the Kansas FFA your help is also appreciated, rather it be through volunteering to judge an event or helping to financially support the Convention programming.  To learn how you can help us continue the tradition of holding a professional, top-notch Convention contact the Kansas FFA Foundation.

Educator Professional Development

The Kansas FFA Foundation, understanding the importance of strong and well prepared educators in our classrooms, is ever-expanding its support for our agricultural educators.  Through the generosity of our donors we are proud to be the main supporter of the Teacher Success Program, providing mentoring, coaching, training and availability to best practices for agriculture educators in their first three years of teaching.   The Foundation also supports the State FFA Advisor, KAAE and provides scholarships to educators for professional development and certification in CASE Curriculum.  To join us in this important work donate here.

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